Welcome to Scottish Genealogy Tips And Tidbits

A wee bit of info to help you in your journey to discover your Scottish Ancestors and maybe even crack a brick wall or two!



​27th - Muskoka Parry Sound Genealogy Group - In Search of Your Scottish Ancestors


​10th & 11th - SoCal Jamboree - Breaking Through Brick Walls; Underused Databases for Scottish Genealogy; Step Away From the Computer
When not speaking I will be in the Expo Hall. Directly after each talk, I will be at the Internet Genealogy booth. At other times, I will be in my own booth. Drop by to say hello

June 14th - York Branch, OGS - Researching Scottish Poor Law Records

OGS Conference - I won't be speaking but will be in the Expo Hall. Drop by to say hello


July 18th - Genesee County Genealogical Society - Step Away from the Computer


18th & 19th - North West Genealogy Conference - Breaking Through Brick Walls in Scottish Research, Criminals, Paupers & Lunatics, They Came to America and In Search of Your Scottish Ancestors.

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