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Friday, 8 March 2019

Highland and Island Emigration Society Records FREELY Available Online

Having been immersed in the big announcements made at RootsTech last week, I nearly missed the big announcement from ScotlandsPeople on their new record release. The records of the Highlands and Islands Emigration Society have been digitized and made freely available on the ScotlandsPeople website. 

These records pertain to some 5,000 people who left the destitution of the highlands and western isles for a better life in Australia and who received assisted passage from the Highland and Island Emigration Society.

In addition to the records of those receiving assistance is a listing of all of the ships who took passengers to Australia as part of this emigration scheme. The most common port of departure was Liverpool, England, but a few also left from Campbelltown.

Saturday, 2 March 2019


Today was the last day of RootsTech. Saturday is always Family Day which means throngs of people. We Ambassadors outwardly dread the day but inwardly, we thrive on it. We love the buzz and the excitement that the day brings. 

I was late getting to the Convention Centre today, having stayed at the hotel to work on my final presentation. As soon as I walked in, I saw the kids getting their faces painted. 

Then it was past the main stage where I could here the ukulele playing. And on into the Expo Hall. WOW. The crowds!

Before I knew it, it was time for my presentation. This one was being recorded. It was the last time slot of the day, but people were engaged and interested and the questions were incredible. 

And just like that, the week was over....  

It has been an incredible week. I have connected, I have learned, I have shared. I have met new friends, enjoyed new experiences and although I am exhausted, it has been oddly exhilarating to have been here. Thank you, #RootsTech

#RootsTech Day 3

Yesterday went by in a whirlwind. It was hard to know what day it was or how far along we are in the conference. 

My day started at 5:30. I managed to get caught up on things that didn't get done the day before. I was in the Convention Centre by 7:30 and thoroughly enjoyed the power hour talk by Ancestry Pro Genealogists. We learned why it was important to consult a professional and at what points in our research it would be a benefit. We learned about the wonderful team that creates story books for all ages and stages of research and we learned about the wonderful opportunities available in the world of ancestral tourism.

The ancestral tours that Ancestry runs are not genealogy research tours. They are more geared to connecting you to your ancestral homeland than helping you further your research or breakdown brick walls. So, if you have Scottish roots, but don't know what part of Scotland your ancestors were from, you might want to consider taking their tour this October 

The general session keynote speaker was Saroo Brierley who shared his journey with us. 

From the talk, it was over to the media hub. I managed to connect with colleagues from Findmypast, Forever, Strathclyde University, dozens of bloggers and loads of genealogy speakers. 

The evening was rounded off with a Virtual Genealogical Association get together at Squatters. 

Friday, 1 March 2019

Day 2 at #RootsTech!

Day 2 was a full day, and for me, started at 8 am with a presentation by Findmypast The Ultimate Guide to Tracing British Isles Roots.This was a terrific overview of not only UK and Ireland but also working hard in America to be able to be ready to take your research overseas. 

Next up was the General Session with Keynote speaker Patricia Heaton who gave a heartwarming talk about the importance of family and family connections. Following her talk, Whitney Peterson of FamilySearch did a 'reveal' of research on Patricia's family history. 

In the afternoon, I attended a talk by Glen Meakem, CEO of Forever who talked about the Revolution in Multi-Generational Memory Keeping and Digital Rights. The personal stories that were shared by others were wonderful and so uplifting. 

In wandering around the Expo Hall, I was able to see and speak with a number of colleagues and once again recognized that THIS is my community. These are my people. THIS is where I belong.