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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Monumental Inscriptions and Burial Records

If you are looking for monumental inscriptions for your Scottish ancestor, look no further than Scottish Monumental Inscriptions. Here you can access a PDF with transcriptions of the headstones around Scotland and for a small additional fee, you can also get a CD with headstone photographs. 

Bearing in mind that many Scots could not afford a headstone, you can access burial and cremation records for some Scottish cemeteries on DeceasedOnline. DeceasedOnline's database is for the whole of the UK, and is not exclusive to Scotland, which is also helpful for those with ancestors from Ireland or England as well. 

To access the burial records for your local area, contact: 

The local council archives in the area where your ancestor lived
The local Family History Society (for MIs) for the area where your ancestor lived
The local crematorium for the area where your ancestor lived

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