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Monday, 19 October 2015

Happy Birthday Papa Dod!

Today is my uncle Dod's birthday. I have loved my uncle Dod for as far back as my memory stretches. Really loved him. I think those we feel the deepest affection for are those we share the best memories with. 

My memories with Dod span both sides of the Atlantic. Many visits with him when he came to Canada 

and many more when I visited him in Scotland. 

Dod is my mum's "next" brother. In a sibling group of 21, monikers like this make sorting the birth order out. Dod and mum were two years apart, mum being the older sister and Dod acting as the older, more protective brother. They shared an amazing bond. 

During my visits with Dod in Scotland, he regularly took me for a "toot roon the Borders" But perhaps my fondest memories of these trips were the time we took Granny to see all the old homesteads. She was thrilled, stating she thought she would never have a chance to see them again. 

The other was the trip when he took Doug & I to St Mary's Loch and a pint at Tibbie Shiels. 

And my very favourite parts of my annual trips to Scotland are my visits to Papa Dod's. Lots of laughs, memories revisited, old photos poured over. 

Happy birthday, Dod. I love you to the moon and back. 

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