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Saturday, 31 January 2015


Two new quick guides to assist you in your Scottish research:

The first is Preparing for a Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland

This guide is essential for you to be successful as you prepare for a research trip to Scotland. Planning ahead is the key to a successful research trip. 

Learn where to research, how to prepare and who to contact for a personalized trip to the area of Scotland where YOUR ancestors lived. 

There is also a workbook to accompany this quick guide:

The second quick guide is a great resource in understanding some of the reasons that your ancestors may have emigrated to North America. This will assist you in understanding the historical events that led to mass migration, passenger lists and re-created passenger lists and the Passenger Vessels Acts that regulated the passage of emigrants. 

Here's the link to the e-store:

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  1. A trip to Scotland for genealogy research can be an extremely rewarding experience. There can be nothing better than just being in the place where your ancestors once lived.