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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Looking for Ship Passenger Lists for Your Scots Emigrant Ancestor?

By 1870, steamships were bringing large numbers of immigrants from Scotland. Many of these steamships were, in fact, built on the Clyde. So, you won't find an actual ship passenger list BEFORE this time. You may get re-constructed lists where someone has taken the time to go through other databases and put the listing of passengers together from them.  

Traveling from Glasgow/Greenock cut the journey from the UK to America by 20 days (as opposed to travel from Liverpool), making Glasgow the port of departure for most Scots from the 1870s forward.  

Here are some lists you might want to search:


Arrivals through Canada:


Arrivals through the US:

         Philadelphia Arrivals

         New York Arrivals

         Maryland Arrivals:

 Happy Searching!


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