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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Were Your Ancestors Scottish Travellers?

The latest rage on those "unscripted tv" (aka reality tv) channels is following the lives and customs of "gypsies" More specifically, Romany Travellers.  

Travellers (Tinkers) have been around in Scotland for over 500 years. The Travellers were spread throughout lowland Scotland. A separate but similar group are the Highland Travellers. Knowing their family history and maintaining the oral stories is a large part of the Traveller culture. The lives of the Travellers has not always been easy, particularly in the 16th - 18th centuries when the Travellers were often imprisoned or hanged just for their beliefs and cultures.  

For those whose ancestors may have been Travellers, but who they themselves no longer are, here are some websites that might be of interest for finding out more about their ancestors:

Romany and Travellers FHS: http://www.rtfhs.org.uk/ 


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