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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Historic Hospitals Admission Records Project

This website provides access to 120,000 admission records to four children’s hospitals. Although three of the hospitals are in London, the database also contains records from the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow. 

Records are fully searchable and free to access. However, many of the details are limited to registered users of the site only. Registration is free. Once your registration is confirmed, you can search by any number of fields. Information provided for each record includes: date of admission, name, disease, registration district (if known), length of stay, year of birth, age at admission, normal residence (if known), admitting physician, what child was admitted for, disease group, outcome of the disease (cured, well, not relieved, dead), date of discharge as well religion, name of parent and occupation of parent if these were known. 

The website also contains historical information on the hospital itself, as well as a small biography on each of the primary doctors and nurses. There is a gallery with some photographs but none appear labelled.  

Well worth a look. http://hharp.org/



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