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Friday, 31 August 2012

September Issue of The Celtic Guide is Now Online!

The September issue of the Celtic Guide is now available online. This is a free resource and as with the previous issues, is chock full of great reading about all things Celtic. This month's theme is "Celtic Fringe Lands" and offers the following articles:

  • Diaspora
  • Galicia: Celts in Spain
  • Galicia: Celts in Poland
  • The Other World (Tir na nÓg)
  • La Vie en Breton (Anne of Brittany’s Enduring Legacy & Appeal)
  • Dalriada
  • Henceforth Tales: Buchanan
  • Fairyland
  • The Susquehanna Settlements
  • Lord Selkirk Settlers
  • Do You Belong to a Warrior Clan: The Gallowglass
  • Wales and the Celtic Fringe
  • Pict Land
The Celtic Guide is available for download as a PDF at: http://www.celticguide.com/ 

Happy Reading!

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