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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Selkirk Settlers Online Resources

2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the Selkirk Settlers arrival in Manitoba. These Scots were displaced highlanders, who were subjected to the Highland Clearances. Lord Selkirk used his title to gain land in Canada for thousands of these former highlanders. His intial land grants were in southwestern PEI. By 1812, all of the land in PEI and throughout the Hudson's Bay watershed had been granted, and Selkirk moved further west, to the Red River and Assiniboine Valley.

In honour of the 200th anniversary, the Province of Manitoba has planned a number of events. The week of Sept 3 - 9 has been specially designated as Bicentenary Week. Here is the link to the events:

If you have ancestors who were Selkirk Settlers, here are some resources to assist you in your genealogy research:

List of those who were cleared:

List of emigrant ships of those cleared:

More on Lord Selkirk Settlers:
Red River Settlement: Papers In The Canadian Archives Relating To The Pioneers by Public Archives Of Canada, Chester Martin, Thomas Douglas Earl Of 1771-1 Selkirk. Available in downloadable PDF:

Passenger List reconstruction for ship Polly:

Passenger List reconstruction for ship Dykes:

Passenger List reconstruction for ship Oughton:

Passenger List reconstruction for ship Spencer:

Hudsons Bay Company Archives:

Mailing List (Rootsweb):

As well, Library and Archives Canada hosts an online database of the Selkirk Settlers. From the LAC website:

"To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Red River Colony (or Selkirk Settlement) in Manitoba, more than 4,000 references to names of settlers found in the Thomas Douglas, Earl of Selkirk fonds have been added to the existing database. Many staff members contributed to the success of this project, and their efforts are much appreciated."

You can search the database at:

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  1. Good to remind us of this Canadian historical milestone!
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