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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

It's My First Blogiversary

In some ways it feels like I have been blogging a lot longer than just a year. Then on the other hand, I can't believe how quickly a year has passed. What a year it has been. I was just recovering from my second surgery in 7 months (after a certain age, parts start to wear out or fall to pieces). The second surgery was a longer recovery time and was the beginning of my realization that change was in the air. I really dreaded going back to my  job at the end of the recovery period. Really dreaded it. Now, a year later, I am "pre-retired" - my word for taking early retirement for the sake of my health. I have had a lot more time to engage in all things genealogical. Blogging, speaking, writing, editing, teaching, traveling, researching and sharing. It has been an amazing journey and a year of profound change. In the best way imaginable.

As for this blog, here are the stats for the first year:

posts: 145
visitors: 5300
countries reached: 17

When the stats are laid out, it looks like a very productive year and provides a sense of accomplishment. I am looking forward to the next year and am so thrilled with the opportunities that it holds for all things genealogy related.

Happy Searching!


  1. That is quite an accomplishment for one year. I don't think I've ever posted 145 times in a year.
    Congratulations -- and I can identify with both the health issues and the "pre-retirement."

  2. Congratulations and happy blogiversary!

  3. Happy first Blogiversary!! Congrats and looking forward to many many more years of reading your blog!

  4. Happy Blogiversary Christine. Isn't it fun to watch our creations grow like that. Job well done.