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Monday, 21 December 2009

Don't Forget to Document Your OWN History

Why not provide a personal history lesson for your family? Think of how thrilled you are when you come across an old letter or postcard from a now deceased relative. Why not provide that same feeling for your descendants? When does your memory and awareness of certain events (ie. JFK’s murder, the first man on the moon, the Watergate Scandal, Lady Di's death, 9/11 etc., hurricane Katrina, Obama being elected) kick in? Where were you when you learned the news? How did you respond? Do those events trigger memories of what life was like then? What society was like? What values and principles were important then? Think of the inventions you’ve seen in your life time. Remember when YOU were the remote for the tv? How you used a wringer washer? Life before microwaves, electric can-openers,? Home milk or bread deliveries? Think of a time before space shuttles. When trains or boats were the main form of vacation transportation. Be not afraid! Document your own history. It will make fascinating reading to those who wish that they could reach back 100 years and touch you, share a coffee and chat with you. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. It is YOUR story that they are interested in, not an English class.

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