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Friday, 15 December 2017

Treat YOURSELF This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. It's likely that the tree is up and decorated, gifts have been purchased and perhaps wrapped, baking has started and preparations for the big day are underway. Why not take a few minutes and treat YOURSELF this holiday season? Reward yourself for making it this far. Register for the Scottish ViC virtual conference and learn about researching your Scottish ancestors. 

You will learn about resources for finding those elusive ancestors and about the wealth of information you can get from the Scottish documents. 

Connect with others researching their Scottish ancestors in our exclusive Facebook Group, a way to allow for the all important networking that takes place at all genealogy conferences.

Visit the virtual marketplace and see how our vendors are committed to helping you with your family history research. 

In addition to a great day immersed in genealogy, you might even win one of the great prizes that are being given away! 

Here's the link to register: https://www.genealogyvic.com/

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Meet Scottish ViC Vendor Scottishindexes

If you are not using Scottishindexes, you should be! This site has a wealth of information about records that are not available online. Indexes for paternity cases, prison registers, mental health records. And best of all, if your ancestor isn't listed, the Maxwells will do the search for you, in person, to get you what you need to help you over your brick wall.

Scottishindexes is offering a special discount specifically for people attending the Scottish ViC! 

To register for the virtual conference (being held January 27th, 2018) simply click:

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Meet Scottish ViC Vendor Shop the Hound

Meet Scottish ViC Vendor Shop the Hound

Shop the Hound is offering a discount code for orders placed during the ViC. As well, they are giving away a Vivid-Pix RESTORE to one lucky person attending the virtual conference. 

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Friday, 8 December 2017

Meet Scottish ViC Vendor Global Genealogy

Global Genealogy is offering a 20% discount on any or all of their books authored by Chris Paton which are purchased during the Virtual Conference. Chris is one of the presenters at the ViC and will be helping us to find ancestors in various records prior to civil registration, which began in 1855. 

If  you are looking for Scottish ancestors who left Scotland prior to 1855, this presentation will be helpful to you. Register for the conference HERE

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Scottish ViC a Full Day of Learning

Chris Paton will be sharing the resources available for people looking for their ancestors who may have left Scotland prior to civil registration in 1855. Even ancestors who may have still been in Scotland but where you are seeking more information prior to what is available from 1855. Church records, court records, poor records, land records and so much more.

Margaret Fox will be sharing her vast knowledge of the Kirk's archives. Not just Kirk Session records but all of the various records held by the Kirk. Communion rolls, pew rents and everything in between.

Craig Statham will be showing us the incredible resources available from the National Library's vast maps collection. These date back to the 1500s

Chris Halliday and I will be helping you to learn more about the mass exodus from the Highlands of Scotland over several decades. Chris will be sharing his knowledge of the records that are available for researching your highland ancestors. He discusses the areas in Scotland where various surnames originated, clans and clan resources, local archives and online collections.

I will be helping you to see where your Highland ancestors may have come from prior to arriving in Canada. We look at various resources including ships, ports of departure, ports of entry, land grants and more.

Apart from listening to me, you get to be immersed in Scottish accents all day while learning!

Both Chris', Margaret and I will be available to answer questions. I can assist with questions on the maps and if I am stumped can get your questions to Craig for an answer.

Handouts will be emailed to registrants ahead of the conference so you can formulate your questions.  

Meet Scottish ViC Vendor Strathclyde University

Strathclyde University is offering a code to allow Virtual Conference attendees to get a 10% discount on the genealogy short courses. These are 8 week courses offered online. The courses start in April, 2018. 

Do you have a product or offer a service that will support genealogy researchers? Are you interested in being a vendor or exhibitor in the virtual marketplace? Register HERE

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Halifax Explosion 100 Years Later

Few events in history have scarred the psyche. The Halifax Explosion was one of those events. Even a century later, the Explosion marks a time when innocence was lost, families were ripped asunder and the face of a city, and indeed a country, were forever changed. 

Early on the morning of 6 December 1917, a cargo ship laden with high explosives collided with another ship in the “Narrows” The Narrows is, essentially, a strait which connects Halifax Harbour to Bedford Basin.  

A fire on board the cargo ship ignited the explosives on board causing an explosion that devastated the Richmond district of Halifax. It is estimated that 2,000 people were killed by the blast, the debris, the fires or the buildings that collapsed. Another 9,000 victims were injured. People were blinded, lost limbs, suffered burns.

The blast of the Halifax Explosion was the largest man-made explosion prior to the development of nuclear weapons. Nearly all structures within half-mile of the Narrows were obliterated, including the heart of the industrial area of Halifax. A tsunami created by the blast wiped out the community of Mi'kmaq First Nations people who had lived in the Tufts Cove area for generations.

As genealogists are wont to do, a wander around the cemeteries is a sobering experience. Fairview Lawn Cemetery, more famous for its Titanic Grave Site has a large area of seemingly untouched ground where remains of unknown victims of the Explosion are buried.

Mt Olivet, a Catholic Cemetery, has yellow surveyor sticks marking the graves of victims of the Explosion. Where no grave marker exists, the sticks stand in rows. Names are marked on the sticks marking the victims.

There is a permanent exhibit in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic commemorating the devastation.

A full century later, the scars are still evident and the shock and pain still raw. The Explosion forever changed the face and the history of Halifax.