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Sunday, 4 January 2015

For Scots with Flemish Roots

It is estimated that up to 30% of Scots have Flemish roots. And in fact, this is where the surname Fleming (Flemming/Fleeming) originates. If you think you might have Flemish roots in your family tree, this website might be worth a visit:


Great Resource for Those with Knapdale Roots

If you have ancestors from Knapdale in Argyll, this website is a great resource:

Knapdale People: http://knapdalepeople.com/

The website has maps, transcriptions, histories and so much more. 

Happy searching!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Records Released!

January 1 sees a whole new set of records released on the ScotlandsPeople website. Births for 1914, Deaths for 1964 and Marriages for 1939 will all be made available.

Happy Searching!

Farewell, Scotty!

This  morning,  I lost my uncle. Well, technically, he is my first cousin once removed. My mum's cousin. But to me, he has always been Uncle Bob. 

Bob and his family lived an hour from us. We managed a get together about once a month, or every six weeks. It was always a weekend stay. To my benefit, he has three daughters so I always had cousins to hang out with when the parents were doing their parent things - visiting, chatting, reminiscing. 

As families do, we grew apart when the kids grew up. His daughters moved out west. Bob became a part time snow-bird. Thanks to technology, we kept in touch via e-mail. 

Bob was thrilled when he got his first copy of Crawford Connections, the family newsletter. Our occasional phone calls and emails were filled with me sharing what I had uncovered in my research. He was totally fascinated. And in awe when he was able to receive photos of his parents that he had never seen before. 

Bob had battled cancer of various organs for more than 16 years. In the past couple of years, this worsened and he spent more and more time in Ontario. This allowed us to re-kindle our relationship. 

I love my Uncle Bob. Always have. He was a brusque, tough-looking cop. He had quite a bark. And as a kid it certainly made me take notice and behave. But his bark was far worse than his bite. He was a big softie at heart, especially where kids and animals were concerned.

I often sit and smile as I think about my childhood/teenage visits with Bob. Being Scottish he had a deep connection to anyone with a Scottish accent. He didn't need to know them. He simply needed to hear them speak, and they were instantly a friend. He invited them home for a meal, much to the chagrin of my aunt. 

I recall our family drives. In the days before seatbelts. Bob at the wheel. Dad in the passenger seat. One of us girls in the middle. Then my mum, my aunt and the other four kids in the back seat. My brother and Bob's youngest daughter rarely got a seat unless it was on someone's lap. Instead they stood in between the front seat and the back seat. For hours. No snacks. No dvds. No electronics. And they didn't dare misbehave or they were quickly chastised. Sometimes by their mother, sometimes by the other mother. 

I have had the pleasure of re-connecting with Bob and with his girls over the past 18 months. I loved taking photos to show him. Recalling stories and memories with him. Sharing a laugh. I am so grateful to his daughters for allowing me to be a part of his journey. The cancer changed Bob, as it does. And yet, I still loved him. And was still able to enjoy him. These visits, too, will become fond memories in the years to come. 

And now, the memories are all that we have left. Bob has gone to join his ancestors. My mum and dad included. There will be no resting in peace. There will be a big family gathering, a ceilidh of sorts, as his ancestors and forebears join together to meet him in the spirit world. It will be full of laughter. Full of love and full of all things Scottish. 

Farewell, Scotty. I love you my pal. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Poll Tax Records Digitized

ScotlandsPlaces has added 88 new newly digitized volumes of Poll Taxes for the years 1694-1698.

More records are being promised shortly, so stay tuned for updates. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Scottish Institute 2015


OCTOBER 18 - 25 2015

Announcing  a specialised learning and researching opportunity in 2015:
The Scottish Institute

This Institute is a small group experience, limited to 15 registrants. The Institute is for Professional and Semi-Professional genealogists who may or may not conduct research for clients with Scottish ancestry.

The week will offer speakers on several topics including:
  • The holdings of the GRO 
  • The holdings of the NAS 
  • Land Records
  • Palaeography
  • National Health archives
  • Highland Records and Resources
  • Maps, newspapers and other resources at the NLS
  • Court records
  • Ancestral tourism
  • Scottish Genealogy Network 

The week culminates with a joint Professional Development Day with members of the Scottish Genealogy Network. This day of workshops will be followed by social networking with our colleagues in Scotland which will provide you with the opportunity to make important connections on the ground in Scotland.

The week is well balanced with 20 hours of learning and 20 hours of research.

More information is available at:  http://www.scottishinstitute.ca/about.html

Questions not answered on the website can be directed to me at: genealogytoursofscotland@gmail.com